Chandelao Village Tour in Rajasthan

Chandelao Village Tour in Rajasthan

Chandelao Garh was the seat of the Chandelao Thikana – an estate in the kingdom of Jodhpur. At its peak, Chandelao Thikana covered five villages. From the garh – or “kot” in the local language – the affairs of the estate were administered.

The Chandelao family belongs to the Rathore clan and to the subclan Kumpawat, or “the sons of Kumpa”. Rao Kumpa was one of the greatest generals of Marwar, as the princely state of Jodhpur was known. The Maharajah of Jodhpur is the chief of the Rathore clan. The present Thakur and your host at Chandelao Garh – Praduman Singh Rathore – is the 16th in line from Rao Kumpa. Rao Kumpa was one of two Marwari generals who led 6,000 soldiers against the 80,000 troops of Sher Shah Suri, the Afghan ruler of Delhi in the battle of Sumelgiri in 1544 A.D. Rao Kumpa nearly won the battle, but was killed. Seeing this brave Rajput General, Emperor Sher Shah Suri said, “for a handful of bajra, I nearly lost the kingdom of Hindustan”. His meaning was that he nearly lost his entire kingdom for the small gain of a victory over Marwar, which he compared to a handful of millet.

Chandelao Garh was built in 1744 by Rao Kumpa’s grandson Rao Puranmal who had annexed Sirohi for the Maharajah of Jodhpur. The estate was granted by the Maharajah to Rao Puranmal for his bravery in battle and for providing a small cavalry for the Maharajah’s army. In return for the estate, the Thakur maintained 8 horses for the Maharajah’s cavalry and was himself expected to take part in any battles.

Located about 40 kilometres away from the city of Jodhpur, it is a perfect place to relax on a day trip and enjoy different perspective of village life here. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this place is a renowned tourist attraction for vacationers who visit this village occupied by just 2000 people. So, if you’re looking to get away from your hectic city life to relax in an ambience where only the sounds of chirping birds and the fresh breeze greet you, then Chandelao is the most idyllic place among Rajasthan village tours.

Chandelao Garh, known for its regal allure and charming beauty was once the ancestral home to the former generals of Marwar is the main attraction of this village.

Chandelao is located 290 km from Jaipur; 310 km from Jaisalmer; 280 km from Udaipur; 120 km from Khimsar; 150 km from Pushkar.

Chandelao Village Tour in Rajasthan

There are many activities to occupy your time while you are visiting Chandelao Garh. Chandelao is a typical Rajasthani village, with about 2,000 inhabitants, surrounded by fields and pastures. The hotel can assist you by organizing walks, jeep trips, camel and horse rides, or you can strike out on your own. Check out our organized activities on the following pages and our free activities below.


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