Pushkar Camel Fair 2019


Pushkar is in centre-east part of Rajasthan, on the western side of Aravalli mountains. The nearest airport from Pushkar is Kishangarh Airport in Kishangarh, about 45 km northeast. Ajmer is also the nearest major railway station


The winter season climate in October and extends till March. Pushkar is a traveller’s paradise during this time. The temperature in day ranges from 16-27°C, but at night, it might drop as low as 6°C. The rush of travellers sets Pushkar abuzz with chaos.

Flocks of tourists visit this holy place for sightseeing, devotion, and most importantly, to attend the typical Rajasthani festivals.

Pushkar Camel Fair is the world’s largest camel and cattle fair. The fair is scheduled to be held from November 4 – 12, 2019.

The expansive annual celebration, often described as a feast for the eyes, for more than of over the last 150-year-old, the Pushkar Fair (Pushkar Mela) reflects the rich cultural history of Rajasthan. The annual fair is held in the holy land of Pushkar – small town of Rajasthan (India), 15 kms from Ajmer during October and November. It is a weeklong celebration, concluding on the full moon day.

Thousands of camels, horses, and cattle descend on the sand dunes of Pushkar to be traded by villagers and tradesman and witnessed by worldwide travelers. The fair offers once in a lifetime magical experience for travelers looking forward to explore unique culture and customs of colorful state of Rajasthan.

People visit the festival mainly for cattle trading and to take “Holy Dip” – sacred bath in water of Pushkar Lake to get absolved of their past sins. It is also believed that all the wishes fulfilled of those who take holy bath in the Lake.

The camel trading is the main attraction for visitors that takes place at the beginning of the festival, with competitions and activities and later focuses to the religious ceremonies.

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Brahma, believed to be the creator of the universe dropped a lotus (Pushpa Kamal) to the ground leading to the immediate creation of a lake. That’s how the name of the place was kept as Pushkar. The city of Pushkar is home to the only temple dedicated to Lord Brahma in the whole world. Hindus consider a journey to pushkar to be the ultimate pilgrimage that must be undertaken to attain salvation.

Fair originally started to attract local cattle traders to do business has now turned into one of India’s most famous tourist attractions. Should you wish to witness riveting colors, various sights, sounds and smells of Rajasthan, this is the perfect time for you to plan a trip to magnificent Rajasthan with Adhvan Holidays.

Camels, herders, and traders arrive much before the beginning of the festival to set up camp in the sand dunes. With the days progressing, the arrivals continue, the gathering grows, and lively trading takes place. By the fourth or fifth day, the sand dunes are at their most crowded and the vibe is hopping with cattle, livestock, traders, and herders.

In addition to camel and cattle trading, the festivities start to unfold while more people arrive in Pushkar. The fair grounds are full of activities like Camel races, folk performances, puppet shows, best breed contest, competitions like “the best mustache” and bridal competitions, turban tying contest, horse dance competition or seeing how many people can balance on a camel, hot air balloon ride, acrobatics and artisan activities etc.

The atmosphere becomes lively with camel cart rides, vendors, musicians, gypsies and travellers from all across the world. Around this time, the camels and traders start disappearing back into the desert as their business concludes. A trip to the fair is not complete without sampling the classic Rajasthani cuisine.

A few days preceding the full moon, pilgrims arrive to participate in religious offerings at the fair. A religious festival honoring Lord Brahma (the creator) becomes the center of the celebration and on the holy full-moon night, pilgrims gather to bathe in the lake and absolve themselves of sin, with a grand Aarti ceremony by the holy Pushkar Lake, drawing the fair to a close.

The most mesmerizing feature of this carnival is probably the eclectic mix of people that come from different walks of life like Pilgrims, god men, foreign tourists, local traders and tribes, folk musicians, dancers, astrologers, snake charmers, photographers, hippies, artists etc.

We sincerely invite you to come and explore vibrant colours, culture and traditions of Rajasthan during Pushkar Fair 2019 with Adhvan Holidays.


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